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    南京海博機械有限公司成立于2004年, 坐落在南京市江寧區。專業從事非標自動化設備和工裝治具設計、開發,以及精密機械零件加工。以更低的價格,更高的質量,更快的反應速度為客戶提供一站式的服務。
    Nanjing HB machine, founded in 2004 and located in Jiangning District, Nanjing, is a professional company in automation, with business varying from designing and manufacturing customized automatic equipments and fixtures to machining of precision mechanical parts. Provides one station service for global clients with lower price, super quality and quicker response.
    Our technical team with full professional experiences in automation industry can design equipments with functions and constructions as customer specified. These equipments are serving widely in many fields such as semiconductor, telecommunication, electronics, health care and automobile.
    We have set up high-end workshops with tools as machining center, CNC turning and digital milling etc. Many excellent design engineers, technicians and kinds of operators.
    We have complete inspection and detection measures and good After-sale service system, and performs the project management, process control and continual improvement in accordance with the requirement of ISO9001, achieving the satisfaction of the customer, the employee and the society.
    We persists in the core idea of“honesty-faith, cooperation, innovation” at all times. Guided by customer’s demands, advantaged in management experience, characterized in specialized technology, supported by resource integration, the company focuses to build a first-class equipment manufacture.

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